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Global Gold was established in 1992 and our current strengths and capacity are as follows,


ARTWORK & DESIGN -  We have our own in-house artwork and design department

allowing the flexibility to generate

professional designs

DIESINKING -  Full toolroom and qualified tool and die makers

WOODWORK -  Hi-tech woodwork department

LASER ENGRAVING -  State of the art laser engraving department


CASTING -  Hi-tech casting equipment for precious and non-precious metals

MINTING FACILITIES -  High qualified personnel with over 20yrs trade experience in our minting department

PLATING DEPARTMENT -  Highly skilled work force with over 20yrs experience in gold, silver, nickel and bronze plating

JEWELLERY DEPARTMENT -  Full melting, rolling and casting facilities for precious and non-precious metals

Global Gold consists of a highly skilled work force with the majority of the employees that have been with the company for over 20 years.

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